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T's Meat Shop is very proud to be selling the meats from smaller meat processors in SW Ontario. Family run organizations with generations of experience and providing naturally raise pasture meats working with and helping neighboring farms and friends. Think of it as a Win-Win. You get the best quality meats, at reasonable prices, home delivered. The small local farmers get a way of getting their pasture raised meats to your table, helping them and the local economy. Buy local, we all benefit  :)


Since 1954, the name Norwich Packers has been synonymous with the production of  high quality, Ontario beef. Their mission has been to provide consistently tender and healthy beef products. So when Norpac summoned its farmers to create a superior Family Farmed beef, they did not disappoint. Not only did they create a hormone and antibiotic free product, but they were also able to do so without compromising any of the superior flavour and tenderness that you have come to expect from the Norpac brand.

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