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Muscovy Ducks are provided with plenty of growing space with ample room to be themselves with plenty of sunlight and fresh air that helps to prevent illness and stress. Drost Farms ,Ont is well known for its immaculate cleanliness and zealousness for the proper treatment and husbandry of its flocks.

Muscovy ducks are superior in taste, nutritional value, and have a lower fat content then their Pekin cousins. Muscovy ducks are higher in protein, lower in fat and lower in calories per lb than the Pekin duck. Muscovy duck not only outperforms the competition, it also compares very favourably to most other meats. Would you have thought that Muscovy duck is leaner than turkey? By adding Muscovy duck to your diet, you not only add variety to your meals, you actually do something good for your health!


Single Duck Breast - 1lb avg $18.50

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