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Who Are We

We are a small business of 2-persons who reside in Otterville, Ontario. We are surrounded by farms, great air, and nature and we work with the local farmers who produce naturally, pasture raised meats without use of steroids or hormones. These are the small family run farms you might have driven by on a country drive, seeing the livestock grazing in the open fields. We are providing a way for you to support these farmers, their way of life, and the local economy all while enjoying premium raised meats they provide. 

T's Meat Shop delivery

What We Do

Will fill your freezer with a variety of meats to your choosing. We work with small meat processing plants that either do beef, pork, poultry, or specialty meats and build your order specific to what your family loves. By working with us you can be assured your products are from reputable provincially or federally regulated meat processors and they reach your family table frozen and packaged at time of processing, maintaining same safe temperature until it reaches your family. Each processor specializes in a specific category of meat and you can benefit from having the best from the best. Our meats can be specified for grass fed only, or corn fed and they are raised naturally and without hormones or additives.

Why Choose Us​


You want value. You took time and considerations when purchasing your freezer, it was a larger purchase. Take advantage of it’s benefits by purchasing bulk meat products, frozen and vacuumed packed from moment of preparation to when it reaches your family. Sale meats might be considered an option to fill your freezer, but why fill your freezer with meats at the end of it’s shelf life?

You want a variety of meats to chose from. We work with Beef, with Pork, with Poultry, and specialty Meat Processors, bringing them all together in one spot for you to purchase from. By choosing us you will be working with people who work with many meat processors, and who can get you the best meat for your budget from differing livestock.


You want the convenience of shopping for perishable goods with a storage temperature requirements without the constraints of maintaining those requirements. Take the time to consider what your family likes in comfort of your home, without impulse buying pressure and order a case of each meat to fill your family’s freezer. We home deliver in our freezer equipped van, working out a convenient time for you. We want to keep you as customers forever.

* a $15.00 delivery charge applied to orders less than $125.00.


You want us to help you provide good quality meats at a good cost for your family

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