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Indulge in the superior quality and taste of our juicy Ontario Grass Fed Grain Finish Graded AAA- Top Sirloin Roast. This cut of meat is sourced from pasture raised cattle, ensuring a healthier, happier life for the animals and a tastier final product for you. Packed with essential B vitamins, this roast is a nutritious addition to any meal. You can enjoy the delectable flavor of beef without the guilt as grass-fed beef has lower levels of saturated fat compared to grain-fed beef. Try it today and elevate your culinary game!

Product of Norpac Farms, Norwich Ontario

Top Sirloin Roast (4lbs avg) $58.90

Top Sirloin Roast (5lbs avg) $73.65

Case of 3 - Top Sirloin Roasts (12lbs avg) $168.55



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