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The flat iron steak is a lean cut of beef that comes from the chuck area. It has a nice flavor and texture, making it a great choice for grilling. The steak is usually very tender and juicy when cooked correctly.

In a nutshell, it delivers in both beefy flavor and succulent tenderness. Thick and uniform looking, it is perfect for grilling and is an outstanding looking steak with a distinctive character.

Steak connoisseurs have long chosen the likes of the porterhouse and fillet for a juicy, succulent meal and gasped at the price. But with flat iron, it’s possible to have the flavor and tenderness of a top-rated steak for an agreeable price.

* All our steaks come vac packed individually.

2 Flat Iron Steaks AAA Pasture Raised(8oz) $17.60

Case of 12 - Flat Iron Steaks AAA Pasture Raised (8oz) $105.60


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